"Adults tend to treat children the way they do because of who they think the children are.

But, children tend to be the way they are because of how adults treat them."

Changing Perspectives:
From Children's Play

Sometimes, adults' perspectives on their relationship with God can change when they watch their children and grandchildren at play.

After playing with a plastic owl and turtle for three dawns, a young granddaughter left some important lessons for others on the back deck of her grandparent's house.

What do children learn about God when adults are not paying attention?  What can adults learn about God from their children?

Book Cover for The Story of Yesterday: How Wiley Owl and Shy Turtle became Friends

Can pretending plant seeds of faith?

We are exquisitely designed to seek for and find order among the unfamiliar—wildernesses so to speak. Pretend is one means children use to apply what they know (or wish for) to develop those patterns. We adults can learn some things about faith by watching our children play.

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