"Adults tend to treat children the way they do because of who they think the children are.

But, children tend to be the way they are because of how adults treat them."

Changing Perspectives:

Noticing Creation in the Ordinary [Coming Soon!]

We seldom use words like elegant, or exquisite to describe water.

Few of us stop, if even just for a few seconds, to wonder at rainbows, or watch as a dramatic sunrise slows our morning coffee to barely noticeable sips. In those moments, we learn to lose ourselves in the presence of beauty That can be a foretaste of Heaven. Doxazo (complete worship) will have taken over our entire selves. In glory, we will finally be able to reflect God's magnificence freed from wants, expectations, and regrets.

Being able to see beauty in ordinary things is a gift. Primarily because it is an indication that everything, no matter how common or ordinary, has a the capacity to let us glimpse a reality that is far beyond our most influential and powerful thoughts and turns our plans into uncertain baby steps.

Book Cover for Ice Flowers: A Call to Worship
Ice Flowers: A Call to Worship

Sometimes overwhelming beauty becomes available to us in the smallest, most common bits of the universe. Water is an example.

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