"Adults tend to treat children the way they do because of who they think the children are.

But, children tend to be the way they are because of how adults treat them."

Despite considering myself to be an evangelical,[1] I maintained an on-again off-again 'courtship' with organized expressions of Christianity throughout my 50 year-long career working with students, teachers, and administrators at all levels of formal education.

Yet, throughout, especially during my quiet times, I'd repeatedly realize I still felt a deep yearning for a closer relationship with God.

I think my courtship without total commitment continued because I could not reconcile my understanding of the "Thou Shalt" and the "Thou Shalt Not" God-to-mankind commandments in the Bible with my experience with the "thou shalt" and the thou shalt not" adult-to-child commandments nor the similar but increasingly complex nature of the vast array of government-to-the-governed laws and regulations embedded in the U.S. culture.

The following question became the center of my writing and the development of this site

"How can God command us to love Him and then confront us with a set of commandments that He surely knows no one (except His Son) will fulfill?"

[1] I believe God's word (including commandments) is living and active It nurtures us spiritually and centers on the birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Understanding what scripture means when it refers to Jesus fulfilling the Law (e.g., Matthew 5:17-20) is at the center of this site.

Throughout my youth, I labored to be loyal and obedient to adults. As an adult I respected the government.

Well, that is mostly true.

Like many others, I failed frequently. Like others, when love evolved, I knew it did not come from my obedience nor my respect.

My attempts to know God followed a similar pattern. I thought if I obeyed God's commandments, love would ensue. I was not perfect there either. The continued presence of a desire to love and be loved indicated I did not yet understand.


My perspectives of the nature, function, and purpose of God's Law and Commandments needed to change,
and they did.